Animal Success Stories

Hi Melissa, I wanted to give you an up date on Einstein. My granddaughter changed his name to Gus. She says it means “magic”. He is adjusting really well. We love him! Deanna 

Hi, I wanted to be in touch with you. It’s been 8 days since we adopted the sweetest dog ever. She is an amazing creature! We are both in love with her. It took us a few days to decide on her name. We didn’t think Buffy or Munchi truly fitted her. We considered Precious, Princess, Sweetie, but nothing seemed just right. Eventually, I googled small female dog names and as we looked at the list we both agreed that it had to be ANGEL! We’ve had several rescue dogs previously and we feel that she combines the best of each of them. Tonight, she started licking the face of our labradoodle, which our Lhasa Apso Gidget did all the time to our German Shepherd Heidi. She is beyond our wildest dreams. She’s loving, playful, housebroken, healthy and a chow hound. I promised to send you some photos so here you go. Thank you for all that you do in rescue work. We are so grateful and appreciate rescue organizations more than we can say.


This is the day marking 2 weeks getting to know Rocko!  I’m attached to him and I’m going with my gut!  We are keeping Rocko as our forever dog!  He improves everyday in accepting us. I know it will take a lot more time for him to adjust completely and trust us, but I’m sure he will in his time.  Thank you for all your help and advice.



Hi Melissa:

Just wanted to let you know that Bo is doing well.  He is very close to me, but of course has his limits.  I somehow doubt that he will ever be completely comfortable around anyone, but he is very attached to our pug, Dodger.



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Hello Melissa,

Just wanted to say hi & share an update about Chloe. It'll be 3 months on Friday since we brought her home. I couldn't imagine loving her more than we already do. She is an amazing baby girl!
Chloe is such a sweetheart & refuses to sleep at the foot of the bed, but needs to be right next to me with her head on my pillow lol. She allowed me to remove all of the tarter from her teeth (vet not happy lol). She is also very protective of my children. We had a little dog as a house guest for a week. The dog had growled & nipped my son. Chloe went into attack mode when she saw that. No one was hurt, but it was shocking to see our beautiful little fluff ball become a loyal protector.
Thank you so much for connecting us with our baby!


Hi Melissa! 

It was so great meeting you the other day! Thank you so much for your insight. Lady has been a dream. ðŸ˜ I feel so fortunate to have her. 


Bear is now on his way to join his forever family!  With another great dog as a companion and two adorable girls to give him those "Bear Hugs", he is going to be sooo loved for the rest of his years.  Congratulations Bear and his new adoptive family!  


We are so very thankful for having Bear as part of our family. Just a silly photo of our big boy.  Happy Holidays.



W00-Hoo Jasper!  This fun loving Sassy boy is adopted to a wonderful sassy family!  Couldn't of been a funner perfect match!  Jasper we are sure will keep them laughing all day with his Pom personality!  Congratulation to all!



Yay Goergie!  Georgie is a adorable pup that looks like a mini Golden!  Happy as a clam, he is hopping his way into a new home!  Congratulations Georgie and his new family!  A huge thank you to his foster family for taking such good care of him and a HUGE thank you to his adoptive family!  Congratulations!


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