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The dogs have a two week trial with their new families, that way everyone can make

sure it’s going to a good fit.  If the dog doesn't work out for any reason,

donation is transferable to another potential dog. 

Our primary goal is to match families with  the new  member  they are looking for. 

Please only adopt when you are ready.


Have you ever seen a dog smile?

We have....and so will you!



Why do we charge an Adoption Donation?  Why so much? 

Field Of Dreams Rescue typically charges adoption donations from

$100 to $400 depending on the age and

breed of the dog. This amount covers our cost for basic vet care for our healthy animals which includes

spaying/neutering, age appropriate vaccinations, de worming, microchipping. Frequently, medical expenses

for a single dog far exceeds the adoption donation.

A few days of emergency care can easily run over $1000.

Many of our volunteers contributed personal funds to help offset costs for our dogs, but every single

dollar received from adoption donations goes directly to care for our animals. Any "extra" received goes

towards those dogs that require more extensive medical care.  

When we are able, we bring in dogs that may

have some minor or even major health concerns as these types of

dogs are more at risk of euthanasia than

healthy ones.


In general, adopting a dog is much more economical than "buying" a dog from a store or breeder. A

"purchased" dog plus vaccinations, spay/neuter,

microchip can easily exceed $2000 depending on the breed.  

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